The Magic Roundabout Vintage Notebook

  • £18.00

Looking for a truly unique gift? This notebook would make the perfect present for a literary geek, Magic Roundabout fan, reader or writer.

Oh, how we all love a bit of The Magic Roundabout. They just don't make kids programmes anymore like they did in the 1970s. But luckily we can make notebooks like it's still 1970.

Approx 100 blank pages ready for your inspirational musings in this large, annual sized notebook. A selection of original Magic Roundabout pages are also included - great for reading and doodling on when you're in a really dull business meeting. Made with high quality 80gm 100% recycled paper.

All our notebooks have been lovingly upcycled from old, broken books that would otherwise not have made it back onto the bookshop shelf. Each one is absolutely unique.