SEXY Vintage Letter Brooch

  • £9.00

We once sold one of these SEXY Vintage letter brooches to a lovely guy who told us, "I HAVE to have that one 'cos I'm just so damn SEXY". And he was. Our upcycled SEXY brooches are really popular, and look great attached to sexy people's jackets, cardigans, hats and bags. Each one is individually handmade from vintage game pieces.

SEXY is not a four-letter word. SEXY is about how you feel on the inside. But a four-letter word reminder always helps...

The photo shows green on cream tiles, but this brooch is also available as black on cream tiles. Sometimes one or t'other isn't available so we will send you whichever is in stock. If you have a preference, please just type it out for us on your order instructions when you place the order, and we'll see what we can do to get you the colour of your choice.