About Us

We're bookish. We love books and all things book-related. We love paper and pens. We love reading and writing. We love writing about reading and reading about writing. We love proofreading editing. We like typewriters, ampersands &&&, limited editions, mugs of tea, chewing pencils, cool photography, wandering around random museums, and practicing our signatures over and over and over again.

We believe in the power of books. The power they have to help us change and grow, and the power they still hold over us years and years after they have been read. We keep almost all of our old books; we're hoarders and we just can't bear to get rid of them. We love the memories. Sometimes we cut up knackered old books and make something else out of them; a handbag or confetti or a lovely paper-chain of little bookish men. We love handmade, vintage, upcycled, recycled, repurposed, reused and reloved bookish things.

And we give some of our old books to people that need them even more than us. Through partnership with some amazing organisations and charities we donate old and loved books to needy people who really, really appreciate them.

We hope you like our bookish designs and finds and our bespoke literary gifts. We really like to hear from you about our products. If you don't see something bookish that you'd like to see then just let us know and we'll try and track it down. We're always on the hunt for brilliant new (and old) bookish things. 

With the move towards ebooks we think there's still a place to celebrate and share beautiful real books; as objects, as gifts, as memories. We love our Kindles, but we love our book books too.

Some people think books are dying. But we think this is just the beginning. Here's to a great long love story...

The team at bookish xx