bookish Paper Rose

  • £15.00

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - Romeo & Juliet, II.ii, William Shakespeare.

bookish paper roses as featured in Italian Elle, Daily Candy and Fabulous. They last forever and they look beautiful in any room. They can even be made to smell of whatever perfume you want to spritz all over them. Un peu de Chanel No.5 mademoiselle?

A perfect gift for a bookish lady, or a great wedding anniversary present (1st wedding anniversary = paper). If you really want to woo her, check out our beautiful bookish bouquet of a dozen paper roses. Or we can make a gorgeous bouquet out of 3 or more (select gift wrapping at check out for full bouquet effect with bow).

Each rose is individually handmade and made from only old, broken books. Some images show what a single rose looks like gift-wrapped (select gift-wrapping at checkout for any amount of roses).

"The paper rose sits on my bedside table in a little bottle, and every morning I wake up and see it! It always looks lovely and unique, and its a lovely way of having 'flowers' in your room without them dying or fading" - Bethan, a lovely bookish customer.

"My favourite bookish product is your paper rose (with Pride & Prejudice confetti) - bought it for my wife for our first anniversary and she loved it!" - Andy, another lovely bookish customer.

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